Wednesday, 17 February 2010

bathing beauty

I am lucky enough to live opposite a Nature Reserve.But for the last three days there have been diggers there and thick smoke from a huge bonfire.

Finally the two days of rain stopped and off I went to investigate.The hedgerows are full of rabbits and according to my husband they have eaten all the roots of the trees ,thus killing them.They looked nice and green to me,as they are all, covered in ivy.But to open the pathways and area around the natural springs they have had a major man fest.By that I mean lots of chopping,mud and the Holy Grail  a huge bonfire.My husbands idea of Heaven.

As you enter the field you are greeted with this sight of Armageddon.They  have torn down all the hedgerows bordering onto the allotments.Where has the bench gone,and all the rabbit burrows??And this is just the beginning ,they are working into March.

There used to be a tree here that just gave you a glimpse of the pathway beyond.

But that has now gone,exposing the wood beyond.When I checked out the trees around the wild meadow,bordering on to the reserve,the trees did indeed all look dead.So I think there is a lot more chopping and burning to be done.

On our way around we found parts that had been opened up that I had never seen before.I found trees with rope swings and a babbling river and massive reed beds.

But the biggest shock was to come.

There are lots of pathways leading into the reserve from the meadow.But I have only once dared to walk there unaccompanied.It was overgrown and you felt very much on your own.But a bank of trees have been cut down,which has made a huge difference.

Yes at the moment it looks ugly.But for the first time ever I walked past this spot to the natural springs.

Teddy had a field time paddling in the water and mud.

He had a drink from the spring and said it was delicious.

There are big plans for all this area to be cleared and left as grasslands.


Teddy thinks its great we have a new area to explore and walk in.

There was one little problem -the mud.We were both covered.And I mean covered.

So I tried washing him in the sink,but it was no good ,it had to be a bath.Teddy has only had one proper bath in his life.He has a pedicure regularly,but he is such a fastidiously clean little dog that he’s never needed one.

The under floor heating was switched on under the new bathroom floor last night and the bath is up and running.So Teddy had the first official bath in the new room.Hubby will be pleased……

Teddy then spent the next half an hour rubbing himself on the walls and floor.He’s worn out now and curled up in a ball on his chair with his hot water bottle.


(spin dryer)

(help me)




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Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh my!!! So much change!! But you're right...come Spring proper all the new growth will heal the scars!! LOL at Teddy being pampered in your new bath!!!


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