Thursday, 7 January 2010

January 7th

I’m getting a bit repetitive-its still snowy!

When we bought our aga in January last year,lots of people said to us “aren't you going to be too hot?We’re going to have a heat wave this summer.”Of course it never came .We only turned the aga off for a week.After a week of BBQs we were all going slowly mad and also sick of sitting eating in the garden.Plus our aga can turn itself on and off,so it can be on for just a couple of hours.

Who’s laughing now.We are soooo snugly in our kitchen.Particularly Teddy who has a bed right next to it.

After our Toad in the Hole last night.We played a game of Balderdash.I just had to share this with you.We were in hysterics.My daughters boyfriend is thought to be extremely clever.His aim is to be a dentist.We had to come up with a bluff for the meaning of this abbreviation IOA.

How my Husband worked out what he had written I have no idea.

intigration of Averiginies

         integration of aborigines !!!!!!

It turned out he really thought they were called aVorigines.Weirdly his sister has dyslexia.I think he needs to be tested fast!


home is where the heart is


Young love


Natural beauty


Jane said...

Oh thank you!!! You made me laugh out loud! That beautiful picture of your Daughter - a classic beauty - and then the last picture :) I've just had a look through your blog and many of your posts have had me rolling about laughing which is just what I need this afternoon!!!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh I love that...isn't it gratifying when supposedly clever people make bloopers!!

More lovely photo's & Tasmins looking well!

Just for the record...I never mocked your choice of an Aga but will admit to not knowing it was turn off & on-able!!!

I'm off to bed now but have had a lovely scrappy evening...working on my GDT LO's for February.

Nite Nite!

Latharia said...

Great photos & I am glad that you are so toasty warm!

Rhona said...

I feel snuggly just reading about your warm Aga! Great photos of your daughter and her boyfriend but the natural beauty has to win hands down ;o)

Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

beautiful photos Karen! I envy you and your aga!!

Anna said...

Great photos! (LOL!) I'm extremely envious of your aga ... I don't even have an oven that works! :)


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