Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January 6th

Yippee it snowed again.

The roads were becoming impassable by about 3pm.Ryan's office were all sent home early and I’ve gone from making dinner for 3 to 6!! so I  have an unexpected house full tonight.

So its a big stodgy “toad in the hole” tonight with lots of carbohydrates accompaniments-2 types of potatoes. Just to add a few more calories.I’ve cooked some vegetables for the weirdo's who like them.

I popped Tasmin to the dentist,there were some spaces,as everyone had cancelled.The sky became very dark on the way there and within 10 minutes the snow came down.(I’m listening to the radio now and it seems a lot of the roads around here are blocked by crashed vehicles.)


On the way there what should run across the road but these weird birds.They were very noisy.

We managed to get home just in time before the blizzard hit.

Teddy jumped for joy that there was more snow.






It was a shame it was sooo dark.I took about 300 rapid shoot pictures of Teddy doing back flips,but the light was so bad and he was too fast even for that.

I’ve taken hours loading my JYC on to flickr for Shimelles forum.

Did you see my cover on her prompt today?I was dead chuffed.

So if you’d like to check out the entire album check it out here.

I found a little box I’d prepared for JYC whilst I was clearing all my stash away.

So I went back through the album and added bits to it.

I also cut the pages pockets,so that all the flaps now open as you look through it,instead of having to pull the pages out.

It works really well.

Husband is banging away again upstairs.He’s boarding the ceiling in the new ensuite ready for the plasterer this weekend.I’m more excited about the new scrap room than the bathroom.I keep peeking at peoples scrap rooms on the internet.


Hilary J said...

The birds are guinea fowl!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Oooh! Thanks Hilary...I wondered if they were Partridges...or Grouse!!!

Great pics of Teddy & congrats on being featured in the JYC prompt!! I really can't wait to see your album in the flesh now!!

Enjoy your Toad-in-the-hole..I'm off to feed the troops now...think it might be chips!!!

Rhona said...

The photos of Teddy are fantastic, I guess he likes the snow ;o)
We also had 6 for dinner tonight but I'd made chicken curry and rice. Claire tells me she'll make carbonnara tomorrow night :o)
Off to look at your JYC now.

Miss Smith said...

Just checked out your JYC; it's so beautiful!

Latharia said...

Isn't that the way of it, finding things you've cleverly set aside, at the point when you aren't looking for them any more?

Again, fabulous photography!

And I'll be next to you, with the carbs, and leaving veggies to others!


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