Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 30th

I have tried to catch up with two blog posts-sorry.

We have been busy decorating and finishing the walls in the bathroom.

We couldn’t decide on a colour and had 3 colours to choose from.We decided to risk it and plumped for a very dark grey.I have ordered white shutters for the windows and with all the other white bits going on it shouldn’t be dark just sumptuous and classy.We papered the wall where the sink,toilet and shower are going.I LOVE this paper and have used it in 4 rooms in my house.All in different colours.

The silver in it matches perfectly with our sparkly floor tiles.It all glimmers and glistens even with the lights off.I will add dots of colours like this pink towel.

To brighten up the solid colour of one of the wall I pinched this idea from Elizabeth Kartchner.

And this embroidery hoop was my idea.I have been waiting to use these for my scrap room.I have another one ready to go but I will wait and see if its needed in this room.

This is the same wallpaper in cream that I used in a cloakroom.I’ve stretched it over the hoop and embellished it.Hopefully it will tolerate the steam,if not they do make a fabric in the same print.

My Husband is busy cutting all the skirting boards and painting all the woodwork.He’s like a pig in sh*t.He loves getting his hands dirty.

This is an outfit I wore Friday.Its a very bright print dress.When I bought it I thought I’d see people everywhere in it.But I only ever saw a pregnant GMTV presenter with it on?

A bit of bright ,clanky jeweller.

and a pink cashmere cardie with jewelled buttons.

matching striped socks and my old comfy boots.

I wore my favourite outfit last night to my In Laws 50th Birthday dinner,but no one took a picture of me in it!




Hilary J said...


That butterfly box is gorgeous. Love the photo of your jewellry too. The bathroom is coming on a treat - that hot pink goes so well with the grey.

Scrappi Sandi said...'re really cracking on with the bathroom! I love that peper & the grey with splashes of colour will be gorgeous! Fab butterfly box!

Are those Daff's out in your garden? My Snowdrops haven't even broken ground yet!!!

bellab said...

Hi Karen... your blog is amazing - so inspiring! I also love the butterfly box and popped by to let you know that I'm going to fill an empty window frame that has sat in my lil girl's bedroom for ages! I've also bookmarked the other lady's sites... love her creativity too. The flowers make it seem like spring IS on her way :o) Take care... Bella x

mel askew said...

Hi Karen,
Love the blog , the inspiration form house decor and craft projects- a lady after my own heart!! What is the name of the wallpaper it would look fab in my new dining room??
Best wishes
Mel x

karen said...

Hi Mel,the wallpaper is just from Laura Ashley believe it or not.They do it in 4 colours I have them all!!!
Its in the sale at the moment £26 down to £8 a roll!!!!!!!

mel askew said...

Thanks for replying will go have a look but looks gorgeous in your pictures
Mel x


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