Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 29th

I admit it I am a closet Elvis Presley fan.I have been catching up on my sky plus TV programmes from January 8th.This would have been Elvis’ 75th Birthday.

My Mum had some of Elvis first singles and as a child I used to sit and kiss the album cover.

I was in Spain the day he died and bought as many newspapers as I could whilst I was away.I had quite a collection from lots of different countries.As I grew older I joined lots of Elvis Presley fan Clubs and had suitcases full of memorabilia.In one of my mad cleaning episodes a few years back I sold ALL my Elvis memorabilia and records at a car boot sale .What was I thinking?.

As a child I even wrote to Jim I'll fix it.I wanted to put a wreath on Elvis’ grave.I never heard a thing.But then neither did my sister.She wanted to be a monster on Dr Who.She even said she wouldn’t need much make up!

My Mum was always worried that I would name my Son after Elvis.What people probably don't know is,I did.My Son Ryan has the same middle name as Elvis -Aaron.That was my way of making sure there was a little of the King in him.

I would still love to visit Graceland's and I am sure I will continue until my dying day to fall silent whenever I see or hear him.He is,was and always will be the King to me.

Happy 75th Birthday Elvis.XXX

This dress is quite a recent purchase.A friend was wearing the grey version at a Christmas party.I immediately popped to Next to purchase it.I have added my own crochet flower.I made it some years ago when I was an avid crocheter (not sure if thats a word?)


At the moment whilst it is so cold I wear it with a long sleeved t shirt and matching blue leggings.It was so cold today I popped on my new Uggs.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Hi!!! I was wondering where you'd got too!! Fab new Uggs BTW..when did you get those?

Hope you've been using your Elvis coasters in memorandum!! No shame...Marilyn has the same effect on me!!!

karen said...

Bought the Uggs last year and had someone bring them over from the States.Got Taz some as well.She lives in hers.


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