Tuesday, 26 January 2010

January 26th

I was pleased to see some of my photos were used on the latest posting on the Hands on Photographer blog.I find sites like these are a great way of keeping me interested in taking photos and expanding my knowledge of my camera.

Another new place to try is Paislee press:Develop Fridays its another free photography driven “course”with a forum.I have joined and hope to put my camera to more use.

Let me know if you join the groups.I am called buzz over on Develop Fridays.Towards the end of this post will be some of the photos I captured for their first assignment-VOICE

Of course to capture my “voice” I had to shoot Teddy.However my new 50mm lens literally fell apart so its been sent off to be repaired/exchanged.Boo Hoo.I will miss it.

The last two weekends have seen me (after crops) driving down the motorway ,watching the most amazing sunsets.I was thinking what a beautiful photo it would be,when across my eyeline flew a flock of geese ,straight into the sunset.It would have been an awesome photo and I was gutted to be stuck in the car.So I took the next exit on the motorway and stopped as soon as could.Next thing I knew I was up a bank with my camera in hand.



I managed one of Anna’s crop kit Layouts at this Sundays crop.

I just have to add some of my own stash and journaling and its done.

The other layout I had been wanting to do for ages.

Its title is- Beware ,so cute its scary.

My children added their own journaling.

Its the anniversary of my beloved dog Buzz's death tomorrow.

Whereas Teddy is mad on leaves he was mad on stones.He has one in front of him in this picture.

He loved the camera.X

Have you ever heard of civet coffee?It is the most expensive coffee you can buy.Why you may ask?

What makes it so special?

Well an animal that's like a cat,ingests the ripest and reddest coffee beans, which happen to be the ones best for brewing.  The cat eats the outer covering of the beans in the same way that is accomplished by de-pulping machines.  Something happens to the beans in the journey through the cat's intestines that gives it a flavour that is celebrated by coffee drinkers.  It makes a great Crappuchino !!!!!!!

Why might you ask am I telling you this?

Well I have mentioned before that nothing is safe in this house when Teddy is about.You name it,he’s tried to eat it.Today I realised I hadn’t worn my diamond earrings for a few weeks.But they weren’t where they should be?

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.I must have taken them out one night and left them on the bedside table.He couldn’t have eaten them could he?

I gave him the evil eye and I’m sure he winked.

I realised there was nowhere else they could have gone.I was resigned to the fact that my special anniversary earrings were now a thing of the past.

I later took Teddy out into the garden for his photo shoot.For some strange reason an old forgotten poo of his was calling to me.It had a strange different shape and texture to it than normal (which is why my husband had left it there for over a week)

It was out of place to Teddy's usual boudoir area. There poking out was a large bead off my silk eiderdown and my diamond earrings…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the chances of finding them like that?????

So do you think they are now worth a bit more?

Any offers?

My son said he can’t look at them now,without thinking they’ve been right through Teddy.Erghhh.

I don’t care I am just so relieved to have them back,Teddy's crap and all.




Teddy was the real object of the shoot I was supposed to take 75 photos of a subject I took 331…!!!!!!

He was going mad for leaves AGAIN?

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Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm so glad you found those earrings!! Talk about a goose laying golden eggs!!! I think you may need to get a muzzle!!

Seriously though, great photo's...I had a moment of frustration today...in traffic...great red sunset...camera at hand but facing the wrong way!!! B the time we were off the bypass & had pulled over the sun had disappeared behind the horizon!!!

Just been watching Sally on TV! Pop over & check out a blog event I'm taking part in!



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