Thursday, 21 January 2010

January 21st

I used up some some left over paper from my Crafty Stash Crop kit.None of us had wanted to cut up a sheet of paper with a Christmas tree on it. So I’d put it to one side for these photos.The title reads “tis the season to be merry”.

I used the collage photos I’d made on Picasa.Each one is numbered in the order I took the photos.As you may remember my Husband got a bit tipsy at Christmas and unbeknown to me,was pulling faces whilst I was snapping away.

I have a small journaling card that slots under the top right hand side photo.I lifted the photo with 3D tape.

I was expecting to go out today so I put on one of my favourite skirts.It has the most beautiful felt flowers and a sequinned underskirt

But it turned out I stayed at home,so I just scrapped and surfed the web instead.So I was a bit overdressed for a day at home.

I bought these ballet pumps the other day

I live in a pair of silver pumps I bought in Paris and I worry they won’t last much longer.So I was ecstatic to find these sequinned ones.I’m having to wear them in at the moment,they are a wee bit tight.They look much better on than they did on the shelf.They will hopefully add a bit of sparkle to some of my outfits this year.




war paint


domestic goddess said...

oh Karen, that skirt is stunning!
Thank you for your comment on my blog, will ahve a chat on Sunday and arrange a meet up for coffee :)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Fab Fab Fab how you used that paper...much better than wings!!

Those photo's are just HAD to use them all! But at least there was one that Chris looked OK in!!

Great new pumps...& don't let Teddy near the hem of that skirt!!!


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