Wednesday, 20 January 2010

January 20th

I have a weird eating disorder called SED

but I am sure some people think it should just be called SAD people.

It essentially means I cannot really diet.Nearly everything I eat is high in calories and considered bad for you.I don’t even get my portion of 5 fruit and veg in a month let alone a day.Before the age of 21 I only ate a handful of things,but over the years I have tried to expand my repertoire and with a course of hypnotherapy,I now eat enough to get me by.

Its very weird but the majority of people with SED all eat the same things.The problem seems to be about the texture of foods.We tend to eat foods high in carbohydrates and have an aversion to entire food groups such as fruit and vegetables.

There are some foods I would love to eat.I would love to sit in a pub garden on a summers day,with a glass of wine and a cheese ploughman's.But at the moment all I would eat is the chunk of bread.I could never eat a tomato or pop a piece of orange in my mouth.Erghh.Yet I like tomato  and orange flavoured things.

So I am resigned to the fact that with age I will slowly grow in size.I am not prepared to starve  myself and I HATE exercise as it kills me due to back and neck problems.Added to the fact I find it sooo boring.Plus my enormous knockers just get in the way.

The other weird thing is in studies of people with SED they found that we are of average height and weight.Even though we tend to live on very fattening foods.I had to have monthly medicals through out my childhood because I was always VERY slim.

In my teens I was the envy of all my peers.I used to  have a Twix and a bag of Walkers crisps for my breakfast.At school I would get through at least 15 bags of Burtons potato puffs from the tuck shop.My evening meal would be a huge plate of hand cut,thin chips .Always deep fried with something like a chicken pie,with the filling removed.

I had the glossiest hair,I never had a single spot in my teens and I had a figure to die for?

At that time the Doctors weren't that hot on nutrition or what to do with children like me.I remember my Mum being told that as long as I ate bread,milk,potatoes and eggs I would probably be healthier than most people??

They just all hoped I would grow out of it.

Now people are much more knowledgeable and it has been great as an adult to find I am not the only weirdo out there.We even have our own forum-Fussy eaters

where believe me I almost feel normal.

Anyway I’m off for another chocolate biscuit.Mmmmm


coffee with friends,without coffee

Naples-literally a load of tripe

Borough market


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