Friday, 1 January 2010

January 1st 2010

For last years resolution,I set myself the goal to try and become a scrapbook layout designer.I started on January 2nd and by the end of March I had applied for 4 positions and was chosen as a guest designer for Creatively yours,scrapagogo and Willowtree crafts.

I drove all my friends mad teasing them about how I was now a professional scrapbooker.But I didn’t like how restricting it could be.I love to mix things up and use lots of embellishments and colour,and this was sometimes hard to do with what I was given.So I was glad when my time was up and I could go back to just scrapping for me.

Check out my Flicker site here if you’d like to see some of my past work.

This year I have chosen to set myself the goal of becoming a better photographer.I am hoping this lady will be helping me out.I have my name down on a very long waiting list for one of her photography classes.I learnt so much on Cheryl Johnsons class ,but I would like to expand my knowledge and be given hints of how to take a great photo.

As well as a resolution this year I have chosen a word that I hope sums up my year.The word I have chosen is CAPTURE.The idea for this came from Ali Edwards (she’s chosen STORY).If you’d like to choose one ,here is a great site with some interesting ones.

This fits in nicely with my resolution of being a better photographer

Now I would like some help from you please.Could you help me choose my 6 photos to enter for Cheryl's final piece.I have so many I like I can’t choose.These are some of the ones I like.

No 1

or this one

No 2

I really can’t choose between these either.I love them all for different reasons.I have used Picasa to focus on the bauble.

N0 3

No 4

No 5

I think I HAVE to include this one

But this one is my favourite.Its just a little bit out of focus though.

I’ll share some more with you tomorrow.I want to choose some outside shots as well.You know mix it up a bit.Not put all my eggs in one basket.

Here's my JYC New Years Eve LO.I used the photos I took last night.Under a flap I’ve included a very old,out of focus,photo of my children,me and my sister in law in London on the eve of Millennium.I used a block of journaling which I found on the internet about the event in London.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my lack of grammar and atrocious spelling in my blog.I read through my journal and found loads of spelling errors and as my daughter likes to point out,my blog isn’t much better.

Believe it or not I was one of only 3 in my whole class allowed to take an “O”level in English.That's how bad my school was.I managed to get a C. God knows how .

I didn’t have a clue where to put full stops or paragraphs and used to just guess.But I think it was because I was a good story teller and they must have liked that.

Anyway Happy New Year.


Rhona said...

You've asked for opinions so I thought I would give mine ;o) (not that I know as much about photography as I would like!)
My choice of photos would be no. 2 and no. 5 and the first of the portraits of the little boy. My reasons - no. 2 is a better colour and sharper. No. 5 I think is warmer and the bauble colour is more even (does that make sense?)
The portrait is just because it's sharper and therefore clearer. They are both very cute though.
Hope that helps a little ;o)

Well done on the layout, I'm impressed you've got this far - I still need to finish up to Christmas Day!

Scrappi Sandi said...

In my humble opinion photo's #2 & #4 & the second portrait!!

I've put my JYC aside...may get it finished next Christmas!! I have started on January challenges though...& don't forget my GDT spot next month!!!!! Then I'll be a professional too!!

Thanks for the links...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

toni said...

Hi Karen

I have been doing JYC like yourself and have enjoyed reading your blog during this time. I hope you don't mind me contacting you but i need some advice, I was wondering if you print your own photos at home as you always seem to be up to date. If so which printer are you using and would you recommend it, i really need to purchase a printer asap. Thanks in advance. Toni.

Michele said...

Hi Karen and Happy New Year to you. I love all the photos for different reasons - no question that they are all brilliant anyway!

Anonymous said...

Your photography is already wonderful, but the word you chose is so perfect for your goal. I'd choose #2 and #5 and I also think the last photo (in focus or not) is great. Those eyes are amazing! As I'm looking at everyone's New Year's Eve pages, I'm so bummed I never once thought to take a picture!

karen said...

Hi Toni,Yes I print all my own photos.I have just purchased a Canon MP620 on sale at Jessops for just £95.It is SUPERB.It has special inks to last over 100years.For the first time ever I have been able to print my own journaling directly onto any size card.All my JYC was done on it with no waste.Its wireless and I would marry it if I could.I LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you karen for getting back to me and giving me the model number, if you want to marry it that is recommendation enough for me. I will purchase one next week. I think i will start preparing for JYC 2010 now then maybe i can do it justice. Happy New Year to you.


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