Monday, 18 January 2010

January 18th

I was always known for my colourful clothes.I use to be always shopping for new outfits.But since buying our Edwardian money pit,every penny I have,has been spent on this for the last two years.As I don’t have any spare money I NEVER shop anymore.This has resulted in me wearing comfy,slobby clothes and piling on the pounds.Some of my favourite clothes now hang in the wardrobe as a distant memory.Far too tight to come out to play

I scrapped this a few years ago,just after moving to this house.

As you can see my wardrobe was full of colourful clothes.This was why I came to choose the name for my blog.

My friend Hilary sent me a link to this blog today.She thought I may be interested in “my year in outfits”

After reading about lots of yearly projects this is the first one I have become really interested in.

I thought this may be a way of getting the old me back again.Even get me interested in shopping again.So out came the tripod and I found out how to take a self timer picture.But that was where the problem began.I was horrified to see how big I had got in the pictures.(believe me this was a good “thin”one)

My original cardigan was stretching at the seams,so of I went to change again ,only to hate my dinner lady arms.

So maybe this will be a torturess project in the end.But as we all know in years to come,I will look back at these photos and think “I thought I was big then ,and look how big I’ve got now!”

At least I know I can wear this to complement the outfit.I love this ring.

Even my bloody hands look old!! At least they aren’t fat as well.

I shall wear this sparkly coat tonight,when I am out on the town.It used to be miles too big for me,but you guessed it,its snug now.

It has been hard for me for the last 3 months not having a bathroom.I am using my Sons ensuite and all my toiletries are in this little basket.

I have gone from using £89 pots of Dior cream to a £2 Aldi cream.I had a makeup case full of Dior make up (I was a Dior consultant)now I have a blusher,lip gloss and cheap mascara.


Fake beauty


Scrappi Sandi said...

Well...I have to say thay you're being very hard on yourself! You looked stunning in your pink ensemble last night...whatever the camera might tell you...!! Thanks for a thoroughbly enjoyable evening...I keep recalling odd moments & giggling to myself!

Julie said...

Hi Karren. I'm so pleased you've started your on year in outfits project! I should thank your friend for pointing you in the direction of my blog too :)

It makes a great record of the year as you'll probably find you take photos of outfits you wore for special days / occasions and you'll be capturing them too - not just your clothes.

Speaking of which - I love your rose print skirt! Gorgeous!

Hope you have fun with your outfits and your project.

Julie :)

p.s: my face cream is from Aldi too!

Rhona said...

Karen, I know I'm reading this 2 days after you posted it but I have to say thank you!! I had such a chuckle and could relate to everything you said! Unfortunately, I'm probably a good 2 sizes bigger than you lol!!
I already look at older photos and say, I thought I was so big then (and how I would love to be that size again now!)
I look at my hands and despair at how old they look (and how chubby they are!)
So funny to read someone saying the things I think! Thank you!! I don't feel alone lol!

Rhona said...

PS> I also love your skirt and think the top photo is great!

domestic goddess said...

I am with Rhona, i am the largest i have ever been! No longer the trim size 12 of yonder days, i am now a plump size 16 and hate it with a passion.
I think you look gorgeous just the way you are!


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