Sunday, 17 January 2010

January 17th

I stayed in bed this morning until 12pm!!!

But I was busy on my laptop researching my holidays in the States.I am the most anal,organised person you could have the misfortune to meet.Along with my written lists I have labelled folders of web pages on my laptop.Both my trips will take lots of organising.I hate to miss out on anything when I travel.

I have been posting questions on travel sites and the American “two peas in a bucket”scrapbooking site.People are so helpful,and its best to talk to the people who know the area where you are going.

Luckily I am going to Chicago with another two very organised ladies. However they have informed me they like to pack on the heavy side.I am again the most organised packer.I travel so light I can fit my clothes in a hand luggage bag.I prefer to buy clothes in the States and keep all my luggage allowance for my purchases.I have been known to bring home curtain poles and Goose down quilts (Poor husband had to return the quilt on another trip!)

Are you a light packer or like my friends take everything but the kitchen sink?

I spent the day yesterday with the above mentioned ladies at Crafty Stash's crop at Tempsford.The crop kit was very similar to last months,so my album now looks like there is a bit of a theme going on.I must say I would not have bought the papers we used ,but I again love the layouts I created.

They are both of my nieces,I added a few embellishments of my own and added some hidden journaling under the 3D mounted photo above.

I started following the kit on the one below but ended up doing my own thing.I added some stash left over from some of my previous crop kits.

I am after some new bits for my scrapbook room.I bought these boxes for storing my stash in.

The bottom one will be handy for keeping my unfinished layouts in.

I wanted a AMM tote bag with a carousel on the bottom ,but I have been informed today that they have been discontinued.If anyone knows of any stores that still have any I would be very grateful.

I bought one of the cheaper papermania ones when I started.I thought scrapbooking would be a flash in the pan for me,but four years later I am still going strong.

How long have you be scrapbooking?







Cal said...

What beautiful layouts!

Dawn said...

well you've done it again - made the layouts your own and produced some more stunning photos - it was great to catch up yesterday xx

cate said...

gorgeous photos!

Cheri said...

great layouts - I have been scrapbooking for 12 years.


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