Wednesday, 13 January 2010

January 13th

Its back!!!!

Out came the Wellies again.I bet I’m the only person who has wellies that match her kitchen?

I made my Husband drive to Suffolk in the Spring to get these.Then I found out they sell them just up the road!!!

Teddy was ecstatic it has snowed again.

I seem to have so much to catch up with.I have scrapping layouts coming out of my ears,blogs to write/read  and an ever increasing pile of subscribed to magazines to read.

My favourite dropped through the letterbox yesterday-Creating Keepsakes.It has recently had a lots of changes.I still love looking through it,but when you compare it to an old copy there is no comparison.My favourite one ever was the first one my Husband bought home from America .

If you have a resent copy check out the new editors eyebrows!!!!

I have a thing about eyebrows,as a beauty therapist it has always been the thing I notice most about women.People don’t realsie how much they can alter how you look.The worst thing to do is over pluck.I would rather see natural eyebrows than thin wonky excuses for eyebrows.The new CK editors make her look like a surprised clown.Plus they look drawn on.YUK.I have to skip her page.

I had nothing to do today but scrap ( apart from paint a ceiling ,but unfortunately I can’t because of my back)

I decided to scrap the picture I took of Tasmin and and her boyfriend last week.For people that don't know me .My house is pictured in the background of the photo.

I wanted to use the idea “home is where the heart is" but the words on this card,fitted perfectly.As usual I have built the layers up with 3D foam.The flowers were cut in half and layered up.The little playing card you can just see poking out ,was from a cracker at Christmas.

I have got to listen to the pair of them kissing again.As Tasmin is coming home again for a week.She is so bored at her University and has nothing to do after her exams this week.


Rhona said...

Love your Wellies!! Mine certainly don't match anything lol! We also had more snow today and Emily had another snow day. We were all at home and had a quiet blobby day.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I'm with you on the CK observations...eyebrows included!! I haven't renewed my subscription & it finashes in April. I think I'll just use my back copies for LO inspiration...there are less downloads & stuff available in the magazine now & I can find most things on-line for free!! I'm getting tight in my old age!!

Great LO...I love the background PP & scalloped/stitched heart...perfect!!

I am so looking forward to Monday evening...we can sort out the details on Saturday at Tempsford...remember to wear your thermal big knickers & vest!!


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