Sunday, 10 January 2010

January 10th 2010

The poor plasterer had to work in below zero temperatures,but he assured me he was “sweating like a pig”

He is so fast.In one day he plastered an entire room including its ceiling.Chris has started the lighting today.I heard lots of swearing coming from the loft.His next job is the painting of the sash windows.Not his favourite job.

I was dreading the journey up North to Sheffield,to take Tasmin back to her University.

I packed the car with hot water bottles,food and blankets.I fully expected to get stuck somewhere in the snow.But the roads were only bad in a couple of places.We made it in one piece and then turned back around and headed home again.

I have been worrying about the birds since this cold snap .They keep coming down to our frozen pond for a drink and have stripped our holly tree of berries.I had been thinking of a way of feeding them,without Teddy having a picnic.So I decided on putting some food in the wheelbarrow.



When he thought we weren’t looking he had a go at rocking the barrow.



I have finally finished my”a snapshot of my life” that I started with Anna Bowkis.It covers the whole of 2009.

When I started it in January 2009,I did wonder if I'd have something to document each month.But it was amazing all the adventures you get up to each month

I just have to buy some binding rings and fingers crossed ,someone will let me use their BIA??

I am looking forward to having the house to myself tomorrow.I won’t have to listen to Tasmin and her boyfriend forever kissing  in the corner.Erghh.

They hardly come up for air.Even after 2 years!!!


Rhona said...

Glad your trip to Sheffield and back was a safe one. I would have been packing the blankets, food and hot drinks as well! Enjoy the peace and quiet tomorrow.
I had to laugh at Teddy's antics, my dogs would also have had the barrow over quite quickly ;o)
I have to be careful about putting food out for the birds because my cat likes to try and catch them :o(

Scrappi Sandi said...

I wonder who that person with the BIA could be?!! I have plenty of
1" O-rings in brown, so if they're the right size & colour don't buy any more!!

There are several things that I like about the good experience with Panasonic so far & it's compact size to name but two!!

...& No...I haven't sold my husband...he overbudgeted for his tax bill & shared the leftovers with me!....I think he's still feeling bad about the whole 'Snuggie' thing!

Hope to catch up with you soon... snow permitting! I got into work & back today with no problems, but it's falling outside again now!!


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