Tuesday, 8 December 2009

December 8th

I have been busy taking hundreds of photos today.I then whittled them down to just 60.

I was even on a chair taking a picture of Stanley here ,when a friend arrived.But the light was so good.

This room is decorated with reindeers in honour of dear old moth eaten Stanley.He is positioned so he can see the TV.It didn’t seem fair to have him looking at the wall.

Most of the photos were taken for my JYC layout today.All the shots are close ups of various decorations around the home.Luckily I have plenty,as the tree is still stood naked in the window .

I then set about trying to catch up with my Cheryl photography workshop.I must say she is not as good as Shimelle at explaining things.I have found the course very trying at times.It seems to be presumed you already know what you are doing with a DSLR camera ,when I haven’t a clue.Even the manual is like reading mandarin.

So after lots of attempts and reading some other peoples words of advice I finally come up with some shots I like.

Can you tell what it is?

This is using a technique called Bokah.

Here are some more classic Bokah shots of my naked Christmas tree.

Now that I have a rough idea what I’m doing.I’ll have a play in some daylight tomorrow.

Can you just make out the word DREAM in this one?

Well here is my JYC layout for December 8th.There is no journaling on this one,I let the photos do the talking this time

The robin is included in our decorations for the first time this year to symbolise my Dad ,who said he would come back as a robin to see us.So I know it will make my sister smile when she sees him.

And to finish today's blog I have a collage I created for a challenge we were set for Cheryl's class.I think I could have used it as my Self Portrait for the class!!!!!!………

Fingers crossed for me tomorrow.I am out with some friends for a Christmas meal,some of them I haven’t seen or spoken to for over 10years.A few I stopped talking to for my own sanity.So I shall be very nervous,especially as they will remember me as thin and glam.I’m now wider and plainer but much happier………So wish me luck……..


Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh yes! Very wide & very plain...NOT!!!

I cannot believe that your day 8 page is so like mine in so many ways!! Great minds!! Stanley's looking well!! Are those the photo's taken with your sieve? I'm impressed with the one of your naked tree!!

Have fun with those old chums tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry,made a typing error on last comment! Enjoy your day tomorrow with friends,I bet it will be great once you all get together.Am loving looking at your blog lovely photos and Stanley looks very nice x

Hilary J said...

Your photos are looking great. Enjoy your lunch and hope the Secret Santa goes well.

scrappyjacky said...

Love your LO for today...such great photos.


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