Monday, 7 December 2009

December 7th

I don’t know about anyone else ,but I am not into buying Christmas presents this year.I don’t know if its my Children's ages (22 & 19) or the fact I am so busy completing my JYC,I just want to stay in out of the rain and complete my daily layout challenges.

I am putting my last minute gift buying off to Saturday, when we go to Sheffield to collect my daughter from University.We will hit the shops there,even though I realise its going to be manic.I’ve told my son if I haven’t got his list by then, he’s getting money instead.But like us there is nothing he wants or needs.We are all at that stage where if you want something you buy it yourself!

I have told my Husband to get me nothing this year.I HATE surprise presents as they are usually something I have never wanted and I begrudge the money wasted.I would rather get nothing,than something I don’t like.Saying that my Husband did surprise me once with a Cath Kidston Roberts radio.They cost and arm and a leg,but I have it on all day and I LOVE it.

I am the most annoying, organised person you would ever have the misfortune to meet.I am the Queen of lists.I must take after my Dad as he was definitely the King of lists.I always have at least 3 lists on the go at any one time and I ALWAYS get everything done.In fact a lot of the time I have nothing to do as I am so super organised.Its just how my brain works.Even my clothes are style and colour organised!!!So today's prompt for JYC was a breeze.

I will add my Sons Christmas present list if he ever finishes it.It felt weird to do a layout without a photograph,but I had to remind myself this journal is about the written memories not just the photos.

Are you organised for Christmas?

Oh and I hope you liked George Clooney………x


Scrappi Sandi said...

I think I might use 'George Clooney' as my screensaver!!!

I love today's JYC page & will definitely be leaving the list of 'Things to Do' in Chicago to you!!!!

Our deccies are all up & I have loads of ticks on my Christmas 'To Do' list, so am on schedule!!!!

CoventryAnn said...

I'm a lists person too, but i still have lots to do on mine!!!

Cheri said...

I'm not into the gifts this year either and I do think it is the age - mine are 16 y.o. twins and a 19 y.o. - I'm so not into the want and sense of entitlement. Honestly wish I could just pass on the whole thing this year.

Anonymous said...

We sound a lot alike on the theme of not wanting to shop this year. The weather here in Georgia (US) has been wet, rainy and cold. It is much more appealing to write a blog post or scrapbook than to go out into the nastiness and shop in the crowds. I have done most of my shopping online but will venture out next week (when i get paid) to do a little more shopping, I think.
I am also like you in that I would rather have no gifts under the tree (or on my birthday) than a bunch of things I didn't really want anyway.
I love your pages. I'm doing the JYC project, too. Right now, I'm focusing on doing the journaling on my blog and then catching up on the pages as I have time.


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