Sunday, 6 December 2009

December 4th

I have been soooo busy the last two days.Friday saw me having a day out to my old village,Walkern.They have a fantastic Christmas shop.The decorations this year where the best I have ever seen anywhere in the World.

This upside tree was my favourite.I LOVE all the colours. Hilary and I were very restrained, we took hundreds of pictures but didn't spend a single penny.

Then it was off to Linda and Danni's fabulous shop Jolie.Opposite my old home.We couldn’t resist buying some goodies in here

then it was time for a spot of lunch at the new tea rooms.They also had a beautiful little shop at the back.Were we couldn’t resist a few purchases,yet again.

I saw lots of old acquaintances on the way,which was a weird experience after two years away.

I was chuffed to see my photo was among the ones Cheryl had picked out from her photography course for her blog.

I now have lots of new ideas for pictures I just have to get around to taking them.

I spoke to my daughter at University,and I was surprised to hear that she was upset the Christmas tree was up,as she wanted to help put the decorations on it.So we now have a naked tree sitting in our window for a week till she returns next Saturday……….

It seems,its a tradition to her to help put the decorations on But as she pointed out,I don’t usually let her put many on,as I am a perfectionist.I‘m afraid I was never one of those mums who let their Children loose on the tree.At least it will give Teddy a chance to get used to having a massive tree sat in his favourite spot to look out of the window.

Here is my JYC Layout about a recipe for a perfect Christmas.

I have decided to change all my journaling on my first 5 Layouts for JYC.My husband is having trouble reading the font I have used.It has nothing to do with the fact he needs glasses for reading!!!!

George Clooney eat your heart out.


Hilary J said...

This photo of Chris was definitely worth waiting for....!! Great posts & your JYC album looks amazing. Love the layout of your mum too.

Scrappi Sandi said...

What a good sport your DH is!!


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