Thursday, 3 December 2009

December 3rd

I seem to be running a day late with my pictures for Cheryl's class.I like to look at other peoples ideas and then pinch them!!! The inspiration for these photos was a word.

Well that fits in with my theme this year ,each room has a different word as part of its decoration.The Christmas decorating is taking me forever.I must remember to stop buying anymore decorations.I haven’t even started on the tree yet,which is a bit of luck as I still have a bedroom left of unused decorations.Believe me I have more than most shops.

Here’s a close up of my paper chains.I still feel a bit guilty that they are tacked into the new ceiling.Plus my son pointed out that he has to limbo under some of them and its a bit difficult to open the fridge.Oh well,they look fab.

Here are the ones we put in the dining room.I had planned to put them in the kitchen as well but I couldn’t face anymore holes.

I hope you noticed my new counter today,for some reason my old one stopped working .I used to like checking out how many people had popped in for a butchers.

I promised to mention a fab Nepalese Indian restaurant in Kneesworth,near Royston.Yuva like Teddy it is one year old this week.They invited all their loyal customers for an evening of food and drink all FREE and as usual the food was delicious.Check out this stunning restaurant you won’t be disappointed.So thanks to Hilary for inviting me along.

I still have my Shimelle layout to finish and will post later ,but I HAVE to do some ironing,I am so behind with the jobs in the house.Ryan asked where all his shirts are last night.In the ironing basket is the answer.

Don’t they realise I’m busy…………


Scrappi Sandi said...

Welcome to my world.....the one with the perpetually full ironing baskets, that is!!

I am loving your 'word' photo's...I'd keep quiet about 'borrowing' the ideas though & just smile when the compliments come in!!!LOL!!!.....and that new counter is fab..may have to pop over & grab one for myself!!!

Anonymous said...

love your blog and agree that the craft room of the ladies house was to die for - very funny view of idea, cant wait to read more


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