Wednesday, 30 December 2009

December 30th

My daughters boyfriend bought me this for Christmas.I have no idea what it means?

Me bossy,surely not.

I wanted to go out today,I’ve been cooped up for to long.But it was hard as I didn’t really want to traipse around the shops.So we decided on a few hours in Cambridge,and to stop at our favourite Indian restaurant for a spot of lunch on the way.

It poured with rain again all day today.We parked right next to the river in the city ,and it looked like it was about to breach its bank in places.The current was so strong ,but you always get some mad people thinking they can beat the elements.

These two had obviously decided to have a nice punt down the river,but they looked like they were going to fall in at any moment.Check out his bum crack!!!

It got funnier when he bent over minutes later.

This amazing new shop has just opened.The staff are in old fashioned uniforms and its packed with all types of sweets.Some I'd never heard of and lots of old favourites.I can see this will be extremely popular with tourists.But for now it was full of English people ohhing and ahhing

There was nothing in the sales worth buying,just a fab cake decoration I’d coveted before Christmas at half price.(here’s a picture I took of it before Christmas) So I dusted of my moth eaten purse and snapped it up.

I’m sat here watching Mary Poppins.I just love the songs in this film especially “Feed the birds.”Its amazing how you remember every single word of all the songs.They just don’t make films like this anymore.

What is your favourite song from this film?

Even as a child I always admired the old buildings and the way the houses were decorated.I can’t believe I now live in a house fit for Mary Poppins.She could even slide down my banisters ,well a little bit.

I had forgotten about some photos I had taken on my old camera .This one made me laugh.There were a few windows decorated like this in Sheffield where my Daughter goes to University.Lovely place!

No JYC today as haven’t had time yet,but its all ready to go.I just have to decide on lots of individual pics or words.


Photographing Mom said...

Oh, that saying from your daughter's boyfriend is awesome!!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

I Love that window decoration!!! & I'd say Tasmins boyfriend has got the measure of you from the start!!
I love Mary Poppins...I used to sing all the songs to my boys when they were little & enjoyed my warbling!! I love 'Lets go fly a kite' & my Mum used to sing 'Feed the birds' to me...but you're right I can sing along to all of them too...word perfect!!


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