Tuesday, 29 December 2009

December 29th

What a disappointment it didn't snow today.It’s just been dark and wet all day.I was so looking forward to some more snow.

So,instead I stayed in my new nightie and scrapped,whilst watching my favourite film The Holiday,and then I had a play with Bokeh again.

Has anyone tried the site I suggested?

Teddy ate the heart filter I made,so I’ll have to make another one.I have some ideas for some pictures ,but I need a willing volunteer to help me and believe me there are no willing volunteers,here.

I have to choose 6 photos to enter for Cheryl Johnsons final piece and I don’t know which ones to choose.Any ideas?

I put 3 on to this site and when I checked back there are now 22,717 photos!!! So I wasn’t surprised when mine didn’t get picked.There are some amazing photos on there.

I just took the easy option for JYC and made a collage of pictures from yesterday.

I’ve definitely decided to stop on January 1st.I’ve had a peak at the prompts from last year and there isn’t much that takes my fancy.I’ve printed off a fab photo for the last page of my Journal,but you’ll have to wait until January 1st.

For today's page I used the only group photo of us from the entire holiday.Even Teddy is posing.The journaling talks about how I have enjoyed making the journal and that I hope my children and any future grandchildren enjoy looking back at Christmas 2009 and take on some of the traditions we have.

My Sister has so far been the only person interested in the entire journal.Other people have just given it the cursory look,then abandoned it.

It so weird how different people are.I love reading other peoples Journals and blogs.But then again I love Big Brother,so maybe I'm just a nosey parker.

Sorry I’m off to rescue Teddy who’s fallen head first into his toy basket!!!!


Rhona said...

I take my hat off to you for having got this far with your JYC album! I think mine is likely to stop at Christmas Day (we don't do much after that other than blob or catch up with housework). I also love reading other peoples journals and blogs - I guess you're either like that or you aren't!
Keep up the good work - I'm still reading yours ;o)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Fab Fab Fab pages!! You have taken some stunning photo's over Christmas...that new camera is obviously perfect for you! I didn't get a camera...you can find out what I did get over on my blog!!! I think I must be an anomoly....I HATE Big Brother but love Blogs & looking at other peoples scrapbooks/journals...I can't wait to actually get hold of your JYC & see it in the flesh...did I say I think it is STUNNING?!!!

Yummers! said...

I'm so glad that you stopped at my blog because that brought me back to yours... and I love it!! I love the movie The Holiday and am a Big Brother fan too. I'm crazy about your scrapping style!! Love your use of lots of embellishments!! I got lazy and did a lot of my pages digitally. Love yours more!!

Now I need to backtrack and read the rest of your posts!

I shall return,

Hilary J said...

Great family photo!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are stunning, and I love your journal pages as well!


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