Sunday, 27 December 2009

December 27th

Today the worst thing happened.

My laptop stopped working!!!!

We shot in the car to our nearest Sony shop,to get a new lead(which was the problem).But the miserable manager told us they are not included in the guarantee (he was wrong),and we would have to go back to London to the Sony shop we bought it from!!! and that they often go wrong ,and just buy a new one for £90,I’d had it for 2 months and its never left the house?

His lovely employees were so helpful and were flabbergasted at what he was telling us (all lies)We rang the shop we bought it from and they gave us a number straight away to ring to be sent a new one after the holidays.

As we left,the two young boys handed us,sneakily,one of the shops defunct computers leads,so that I wouldn’t have to be computer less.How sweet are they.

I have been practising a bokeh technique today using a homemade filter for my camera.

Here's a fab link to how its done.In fact they have lots of photography advice on this blog

Tomorrow I have my sister coming and I hope to take some pictures with real people in.

I left JYC till the end of the day,so that I had some photos.Tasmin completed her jigsaw she got for Christmas,and we tucked into a cooked breakfast and lots more fattening junk.For me washed down with a McFlurry.

I hear we’re in for another bout of snow this week.So I’m looking forward to that.

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Rhona said...

Hi Karen,
I've been using Photoshop Elements for a few years now and really like it. The most frustrating thing is that they don't really give you much information on the new additions when you buy an upgraded version. I'm thinking I may have to buy a book to read up on what I want to do (I have my eye on one already!). Love what you've done with the lens, it's very effective! Glad you got your computer sorted and well done to the guys in the shop for making sure you weren't computerless!
I'm now officially behind with my JYC pages, I have page 6, 20, 23 - present day still to do. I'm really hoping I make the time to catch up tomorrow.
Enjoy your day with your sister tomorrow (does she live near by?), I'll be heading off for my normal Sainsburys shop (oh joy!!)
Looking forward to seeing your people photos tomorrow.


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