Tuesday, 22 December 2009

December 22nd

Well the snow is still here.We have stayed cocooned in the house as much as possible.

We spent the day in London on Sunday

With a spot of shopping at this famous food market and then lunch at our favourite French restaurant.It was very quiet everywhere because of the weather.

I popped into a few of my favourite shops in Marylebone but was very good and held myself back.I even put back the Cath Kidston stocking I wanted.

We have completed all our food shopping now.

I baked my gammon ham,yesterday.I don’t even eat it,but everyone loves it in the house.Christmas used to be the worst time of year for me food wise.As a child I always lost weight.I am much better now and enjoy a lot more of the things associated with Christmas.My meal always looks a bit weird to everyone else's,as it has no vegetables,except roast potatoes.But it used to have no meat as well.

I was pleased with the bit of bokah in the back of the photo.I am loving this 50mm lens.

Shimelles prompt for the 21st was perfect for me as we never left the house.

I just wrote about what we had been up to all day.

Which really wasn’t much.

Ryan had sat all day at his Xbox with his girlfriends hat on??

Poor Tasmin was catching up on her degree work for University,with a stinking cold.

We had our first ever proper cheese fondue.It had too much wine in it for me.That was all I could taste and I HATE the taste of wine.We must be the only people with a cellar full of wine and champagne untouched.

Day 2o of JYC stumped me for a while.I decided to abandon the prompt and scrapped old pictures of both my children at their Nursery Christmas party with Santa,It was quite weird when i noticed they had both sat in the same spot,years apart.

I’m not keen on the busy layout but I just wanted to include all 4 photos.I know its this sort of content my children will be interested in.

I just have today's prompt to do about lists.Easy peasy as the Queen of lists this will a doddle.

What do you still have to do or are you as anal as me??

I’ll leave you with this picture of Ryan's lunch

He had finished all his other nibbles and without realising what he was doing he had lined up all his chocolate buttons.

See he takes after me after all.They say everyone has a bit of OCD ……


Rhona said...

Well done for braving London ;o). I'd been thinking of taking Emily up to London this year but in the end,didn't. Your house sounds a bit like ours - my son has been on his XBox, my younger daughter has been doing some homework and only my elder daughter has been out and about. We've stayed home where we're nice and warm and been catching up with things around the house. Baking day today and then I did venture out to deliver some presents.

Rhona said...

I've just seen the Chicago bit on your sidebar. Do you have a connection with Chicago? My brother in law and his family live just outside Chicago and we've been over 4 or 5 times. I love it but haven't been for 3 years and would dearly love to go back.

Scrappi Sandi said...

Did you drive into London? My drive to & from work on Sunday was very hairy!....I went around the Stotfold roundabout sideways!!!

Had it not been so bad I'd have called in with your card...so, as I can't locate your postal address..it's still with me here!!!

Yours arrived in the post today, so thank you...'lovely' picture of a dog in costume...perfect!!! In Alex's words..."Scary!!"

Great nursery memories & how spooky about the seating arrangement!!


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