Saturday, 19 December 2009

December 19th

Of all the days to have to have our heating system drained down.It was about –5 and the plumber was here putting the bath and heating plumbing in the new en-suite.

Luckily for me I stayed next to the Aga and kept snugly even with the back door open.We now have an ice rink outside our back door from all the drained water.So I’m taking bookings for “frolics on Ice”,hot drink included.

For December 18th JYC I choose to write the recipe for my Yule log.I hate fruit,so Christmas pudding is out for me. I always have at least one other pudding to choose from, for the big day.This year I have bought edible glitter to decorate it, so it’ll look like its had a sprinkling of sparkly snow.I had a trial run of making a smaller one this week.But I will wait till the real thing is made and include a picture in the space I’ve left.

I was pleased to finally use all the baking embellishments .I bought them about 3 years ago and they have been sitting waiting ever since.Check out the tiny piping bag with red icing.It looks like I piped the Merry Christmas.How clever am I!

I was also dead chuffed with my new printer.I wrote my recipe out in two columns and prayed I had done my measurements correctly and printed it on to a pre made journaling card.It worked a treat so then,there was no stopping me. For the next layout,I did the same with a cute north pole journaling card .I just LOVE this Canon printer,its done everything I've asked it so far.XXXXXX

Shimelles prompt for Dec 19th was supposed to be about a letter to Santa.I had already included my letter in a previous layout so I thought I couldn’t miss the chance to write about the snow we’ve had and to get to use some of the pictures of Teddy.

I am going to hate putting this album away after Christmas and what will I do with all my time??????????????

Have you kept up to date with JYC?


Rhona said...

Hi Karen, just found your blog on Shimelle's JYC forum page. I love the layouts you've done for your journal and your photos are beautiful. I'll be sure to bookmark you so I can keep tabs on how you're getting on. So far, I'm up to date with JYC, it's my first year and I really didn't know if I'd keep up or not. I'm surprised at how much I've enjoyed it.

Scrappi Sandi said...

You want a grandchild eh?!! Who will oblige I fact have you told them yet?!!

Fab snow the LO's & glad you are getting the max out of your new printer!

Rhona said...

Thanks for replying to my comment. I also have the EOS 400D - have had it for a couple of years and have been very happy with it. I was given the EOS 40D recently and am still getting used to it. After reading your post I pulled my 50mm lens out and have been playing with it this afternoon. The photos on my blog tonight are taken with it.


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