Friday, 18 December 2009

December 18th

Well this was the nearest I got to having a snowman.

My children would not venture into the garden.They are too old for all that malarkey they say.

So I had to make do with Teddy,me and the snow.

Teddy loved his Santa suit surprisingly It kept him snugly and warm and he was excited every time he saw it.

He thought he’s died and gone to heaven in the snow.

He couldn’t contain his joy.

I didn’t get time to make my LO for today after playing so long in the snow,so I’ll catch up tomorrow.I took my camera and new 50mm lens to my friends and took some beautiful pictures of her daughter and Grandson.

I want one now !!!!!! He was so cute to photograph.



Cal said...

OMG! How cute does Teddy look in his Santa suit?!?

Denise said...

bless him in his little suit, he looks like he loved the snow and gorgeous photo of the little boy x

Rhona said...

I love the photos of Teddy, you can see how much he's enjoying himself. As for your friend's grandson, isn't he gorgeous! As a matter of interest, what camera do you use? I've got a 50mm lens but haven't played with it much yet. I'm looking forward to having a go!


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