Thursday, 17 December 2009

December 17th


I hope it settles for tomorrow for some pictures.Teddy can wear his Santa or elf suit.He’ll be so pleased.

Today's JYC prompt had me worried for a while.What could I come up with for a “perfect present” layout and then I remembered my Son’s reaction to his Bose headphones we gave him last year.He was so shocked to get them,that he broke down crying.This resulted in us all grabbing for the tissues and me for my camera.So i made a collage of us all in tears.

It was a bit of luck that I had to print these photos from my old computer upstairs.For whilst I was sat there,I could hear water running in the room that's to become my en suite.I found the radiator valve was pouring water out on to the newly boarded floor.After a quick phone call to my husband to come home and a hastily grabbed jug,it finally stopped.It was amazing I should have been sat there just at that exact moment.There was water running down the walls in the dining room below and it could have been a disaster.

Anyway I am looking forward to the JYC prompt tomorrow,I think its about recipes and cooking at Christmas.


Here's a pic of Teddy looking like I’ve just told him off.Ahhh

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Scrappi Sandi said...

OMG on the water leak! You were meant to be there for sure!

Fab LO..I remember you telling me about the tears & tissues...perfect photo's to record a great moment!

Gorgeous photo of Teddy looking suitably chaste!! He is so cute just as he is...he doesn't need fancy dress for the aaaah! factor!! Bah humbug!!!! :)


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