Wednesday, 16 December 2009

December 16th

What a lovely morning.I have been watching/listening to Madonna's last tour and now I’ve moved on to Elvis.All while finishing my JYC layouts.

This is a photo of my husband in 1987 dressed as Santa for a Mother & Toddler Christmas party.Sadly Ryan had measles so was at home with my Mum ill.This no doubt will be the one and only time Chris will volunteer to be Santa.He cried throughout the whole experience.He gets a bit emotional at this type of thing.Even X factor.In a pocket are individual tags we have all written about a present that meant a lot to us

I had a clear idea what to do for the page about visitors at Christmas.I wanted a picture of my front door that opened with the journaling behind it.But I had to stand in my front border in the mud with my dressing gown on at rush hour.But never mind it worked.

You may recognise my picture for Day 16 I used Picasa to write the text directly onto the photo.

So I’ve had a very fruitful day except its now 1.16pm and I’m still in my dressing gown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No photography today as its a dull,wet day here in the UK.But my Husband told me it could snow tomorrow ,so I have everything crossed,as he’s gone and bought for me the Canon 50mm lens I’ve wanted.

So its a goodbye from me for today,thanks for popping in.

And a goodbye from my daughter,Tasmin xx

Beautiful isn’t she……………………….?


Cheri said...

Love how you used your photo and wrote right on it what you are grateful for!

scrappysue said...

Oh I LOVE your pages, especially the one with the door, how creative! I may have to ever so sneakily scraplift this idea for my art journal thingie (if I ever get round to making it; just blogging for now!).

Scrappi Sandi said...

I think I may have to pinch your 'Front Door' Idea too! I love it!...At least I won't have to balance... in public... in my nightclothes!!...have you no shame?!!!LOL!

You really are rocking the whole JYC thing...& your preparation is definitely paying off!!

We have everything crossed for snow here fell this morning from St Albans up to Stevenage apparently & then turned to rain nearer to us!


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