Tuesday, 15 December 2009

December 15th

Sorry,I have been so busy,just with life for a change.Everyone is now home for Christmas,so the house is full.

The tree had waited naked all week,so it was time finally to glam it up a bit,put the Christmas CD on ,Santa hats for all and a full Santa suit for Teddy.

I caught him watching Tasmin decorating the tree .Ahhhhh

Now I can hold myself back from buying anything,except Christmas decorations.I have a house full and boxes of stuff that don’t even see the light of day.Tasmin had even bought me some more of my favourite glittery birds as a present for the tree.

This was one of my favorite pictures I took,with a bit of bokah in the background.

Shame that when we took these photos, we had no makeup or hair done for them.So I’ll just have to have another photo shoot.

Here's one Tasmin took of me.Chris had bought me the tripod I wanted for Christmas so I was supposed to be having a play with that,but it just got in the way.

We are really missing our trips to Chicago.The tree will be very empty this year.None of us what anything much and I usually find lots of great things for Santa to give us in the States.The lenses I want for my camera are half the price over there.Its just not fair.

I was pleased that another one of my photos got a mention on Cheryl's blog.I have got to prepare a collage of my favourite pictures I took for the course,to be in with a chance to win another workshop.

I have also managed to keep up with Shimelles JYC.I have kept my pages very simple.Not much embellishing.For me it has been all about the pictures,memories and journaling and not the art of it all.I am so pleased with how its coming along and although no one is appreciating it here at the moment,I am hoping in the years to come they will be.

For Dec 12th I decided to write about a fun Christmas we had playing a dressing up game.Everyone was involved right down to Chris' Nan.I have included hidden journaling on a the pull out tag and an envelope with lots more pictures of the evening,inside.

How gorgeous do I look as a blond with glasses………..

December 13th was about Christmas music.I included a pull out tag of my favourite songs/hymns at this time of year and our favourite CD we play when decorating the tree.

Day 14 & 15 will follow in the next blog………..


Scrappi Sandi said...

Was wondering where you'd got to!! Great pics of you & Tasmin with the tree but... sorry?... Teddy in a Santa suit?!! Poor thing!!!! Ah well he seems happy enough with it!!! Congrats on the mention of another photo..you sure are getting to grips with it!!Love your last 3 JYC pages...I have fallen behind but will try & catch up asap...other things are falling in to place at last so should have a bit more scrappy time available!!

Hilary J said...

Thought you were ill or something... Great photos and JYC pages. You'll have to visit a Christmas shop in Chicago for next year when you're there in June!


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