Thursday, 10 December 2009

December 10th

My migraine is slowly getting better.

I collected all the washing together and decided today was the day.

There are about 4 loads,so I will be chained to the laundry room today.Poor me .Those Victorians don’t know how lucky they were?

This time last year the laundry room was being installed.It used to be a second manky kitchen for the house.As we don’t need it,it had to go.I designed everything in it and it was a trial run for the kitchen,that was to come.The Kitchen company were a bit frightened to paint such a large cupboard pink.But they agreed in the end that it looks right in our house.

I found this rub on quote in America .It took the both of us ages to put it on the wall above the door.

My JYC layout was a breeze today.I wrote about how fab my Mum was at wrapping presents.So I automatically followed in her footsteps.Making bows and carefully wrapping each present.But only to receive from other people what can only be described as “crappily” wrapped presents in the cheapest market paper,that you can see through.No thought had been put in to them what so ever. So since my Mum has gone,I don’t bother anymore.I like to co ordinate my paper but that's about it now.Oh,don’t I sound like a bar humbug character!!!! Well everyone knows I’m a bit of a scrooge.

Anyway look away now if your a bit squeamish.Here's a snap of Teddy after digging through the washing .He always come out with his favourite –A pair of my KNICKERS!!!!

I can tell you its very embarrassing going to the doctors with holes in your gusset.


Liberty :) said...

Same with home made gifts, I don't bother any more as no one appreciates them and thinks they are done on the cheap! :(

I buy cheap but nice paper and put bows around it (curling ribbon). I would love to receive and give gorgeous-ly wrapped presents, but the cost of the paper puts me off. I'm a crappy wrapper so good job we dont exchange gifts!! :)

Lovely page!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better!
Well....after what Teddy has eaten in the past I think a pair of your 'Big' knickers (!!!) is quite a tame choice!!!
Great day 10 page...I won't even be co-ordinated this year as I'm using up all the leftover part rolls from the past few years!! I think I may be spending far too much time with you...all your 'scrooge-ness' must be rubbing off!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Bless him,why do they always have to chew as well ! Glad your head is getting better, been there the other day and boy do I know how you feel x


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