Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

Yet another Christmas over with.

After 389 photos there are about 2 of me without a double chin.Thanks Chris for taking all sideways on photos.

I got a lot of use out of my new 50mm lens,its great in low light situations.Plus the ladder shots worked a treat.

Teddy had obviously nipped out to the shops at some time to buy me some new knickers to replace my holey ones

My friend Linda gave me my favourite present.At first glance I thought it was a journal for people who like lists(me) ,but when I looked through it, it was amazing It’s called “lithography your life in lists”.There are lists of everything even the strangest places you’ve had sex!!!I can’t recommend this book enough.I can’t wait to fill it in.

As usual my lot burst into tears.So some of my favourite photos of the day,were of them fighting back the tears as someone opened a present.

Chris is crying about his favourite present I gave him a-40p booklet from our old village.He used to get it delivered every month and hadn’t seen one for 2 years.So it proves a present doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tasmin is crying at my Sons reaction(crying) to a photo montage of him playing football that his Grandparents gave him.Again an inexpensive present.

Here’s my JYC layout for Christmas Day.Behind the collage of pictures are a selection of gift tags from the presents.

Today,Boxing Day,I have stayed in my new nightie and been stuffing leftovers.

For my JYC layout I wrote about our old family tradition of going to Chris’ Nan's on this day.

I felt I could be a bit cheeky and write the truth about my thoughts concerning this day.Chris’ family,yesterday, were not interested in reading through my JYC,so I felt I didn’t have to pussyfoot around their feelings anymore.One of his Nan's just used to sit there like part of the furniture,farting!!!For the whole of Chris’ childhood he only remembers her giving him, the same thing every year, a game of blow football .As he got older it was nothing at all!

As you can imagine she’s remembered with such fondness?

Anyway did you all have a great Christmas?

Did you hit the shops today or are you like me chilling out?

I have another house full for dinner on Monday so tomorrow will be spent preparing for that.

The table is all set ready.I’m going to make a Ben & Jerry's ice cream bombe.Mmmmmm

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Rhona said...

Sounds like you had a good Christmas and I, like you, have been having a much quieter day today. I am behind with my JYC layouts and have from the 23rd, I think, to catch up on. You sound quite organised for Monday night already but good luck with your prep tomorrow.


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