Thursday, 31 December 2009

December 31st 2009

Well,there goes another year.

For me its been a great one.

No parties for me tonight.Thank God.

A night in ,in front of a coal fire with a Chinese takeaway.

This is Tasmins plate,mine was probably bigger.

Ryan is staying in London,clubbing for the New Year.

Today's JYC layout is a montage of 12 small photos (2 to be added) one for each month.Behind which i have journalled things that happened during each month.

My biggest low of the year was losing my beloved dog Buzz.He died in my arms on the 27th January.But our new puppy Teddy has worked his magic and although he is still like a naughty toddler in the house,he has really grown to be part of our family.I’d be lost without him now.

Who would have thought we would have to worry who was looking after our money and that we couldn’t trust banks.Who would have thought that it would be better to spend than save.So that's what I am going to endeavour to do more of this coming year.That is until the interests rates go up.So I’m looking forward to my 2010 trips to Utah,Chicago and China and anything else that takes my fancy.

I’m looking forward to finally finishing our home.My sister is starting a new adventure in 2010,literally rebuilding a house.I wish her well,I couldn’t do it.

Redecorate yes but not rebuild.Oh the mess and dirt.

So goodbye 2009 and HELLO 2010

I wonder what adventures we will get up to?

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

December 30th

My daughters boyfriend bought me this for Christmas.I have no idea what it means?

Me bossy,surely not.

I wanted to go out today,I’ve been cooped up for to long.But it was hard as I didn’t really want to traipse around the shops.So we decided on a few hours in Cambridge,and to stop at our favourite Indian restaurant for a spot of lunch on the way.

It poured with rain again all day today.We parked right next to the river in the city ,and it looked like it was about to breach its bank in places.The current was so strong ,but you always get some mad people thinking they can beat the elements.

These two had obviously decided to have a nice punt down the river,but they looked like they were going to fall in at any moment.Check out his bum crack!!!

It got funnier when he bent over minutes later.

This amazing new shop has just opened.The staff are in old fashioned uniforms and its packed with all types of sweets.Some I'd never heard of and lots of old favourites.I can see this will be extremely popular with tourists.But for now it was full of English people ohhing and ahhing

There was nothing in the sales worth buying,just a fab cake decoration I’d coveted before Christmas at half price.(here’s a picture I took of it before Christmas) So I dusted of my moth eaten purse and snapped it up.

I’m sat here watching Mary Poppins.I just love the songs in this film especially “Feed the birds.”Its amazing how you remember every single word of all the songs.They just don’t make films like this anymore.

What is your favourite song from this film?

Even as a child I always admired the old buildings and the way the houses were decorated.I can’t believe I now live in a house fit for Mary Poppins.She could even slide down my banisters ,well a little bit.

I had forgotten about some photos I had taken on my old camera .This one made me laugh.There were a few windows decorated like this in Sheffield where my Daughter goes to University.Lovely place!

No JYC today as haven’t had time yet,but its all ready to go.I just have to decide on lots of individual pics or words.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

December 29th

What a disappointment it didn't snow today.It’s just been dark and wet all day.I was so looking forward to some more snow.

So,instead I stayed in my new nightie and scrapped,whilst watching my favourite film The Holiday,and then I had a play with Bokeh again.

Has anyone tried the site I suggested?

Teddy ate the heart filter I made,so I’ll have to make another one.I have some ideas for some pictures ,but I need a willing volunteer to help me and believe me there are no willing volunteers,here.

I have to choose 6 photos to enter for Cheryl Johnsons final piece and I don’t know which ones to choose.Any ideas?

I put 3 on to this site and when I checked back there are now 22,717 photos!!! So I wasn’t surprised when mine didn’t get picked.There are some amazing photos on there.

I just took the easy option for JYC and made a collage of pictures from yesterday.

I’ve definitely decided to stop on January 1st.I’ve had a peak at the prompts from last year and there isn’t much that takes my fancy.I’ve printed off a fab photo for the last page of my Journal,but you’ll have to wait until January 1st.

For today's page I used the only group photo of us from the entire holiday.Even Teddy is posing.The journaling talks about how I have enjoyed making the journal and that I hope my children and any future grandchildren enjoy looking back at Christmas 2009 and take on some of the traditions we have.

My Sister has so far been the only person interested in the entire journal.Other people have just given it the cursory look,then abandoned it.

It so weird how different people are.I love reading other peoples Journals and blogs.But then again I love Big Brother,so maybe I'm just a nosey parker.

Sorry I’m off to rescue Teddy who’s fallen head first into his toy basket!!!!

Monday, 28 December 2009

December 28th

Well as you can see me and my Sister are very close!!!

I took hundreds of photos ,but the light was very bad and there was always someone moving in the group.

Look how lovely this shot would have been.But yes you guessed it Hubby was a bit merry from a bottle of red wine.So I have a selection of lovely family group photos with him gurning in them.

Don’t worry after his night sleeping in the cellar I think he will have learnt his lesson.

After lots of sulking ,and the occasional malicious pinch from one of the nieces,I managed to get some lovely shots.

Its such a shame that my Sisters oldest daughter is very withdrawn.She likes to get attention from inappropriate actions.

I must admit I would not want to be her Mum when she’s a teenager.She wouldn’t eat much of her meal,so of course she later asked for food.Off they went and got her a McDonalds.

If you watch her closely ,you see the hint of a smirk thats she’s won.In some ways I can tell what's going on in her head as she has a little of the younger me in her.

This one on the other hand is just like my sister.She's a bit of a tomboy and is like a bull in a china shop.

Because she is so cute it winds her sister up even more.

The ice cream bombe went down a treat.Thanks Jamie Oliver for the idea.It had mint chocolates,maltesers,Ben & Jerrys macadamia nut ice cream and the cake outer was from my travels in Italy.All topped off with melted Mars bar Celebrations and a firework fountain.

I’ll have to complete my JYC tomorrow.I need to tidy the house and put my feet up.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

December 27th

Today the worst thing happened.

My laptop stopped working!!!!

We shot in the car to our nearest Sony shop,to get a new lead(which was the problem).But the miserable manager told us they are not included in the guarantee (he was wrong),and we would have to go back to London to the Sony shop we bought it from!!! and that they often go wrong ,and just buy a new one for £90,I’d had it for 2 months and its never left the house?

His lovely employees were so helpful and were flabbergasted at what he was telling us (all lies)We rang the shop we bought it from and they gave us a number straight away to ring to be sent a new one after the holidays.

As we left,the two young boys handed us,sneakily,one of the shops defunct computers leads,so that I wouldn’t have to be computer less.How sweet are they.

I have been practising a bokeh technique today using a homemade filter for my camera.

Here's a fab link to how its done.In fact they have lots of photography advice on this blog

Tomorrow I have my sister coming and I hope to take some pictures with real people in.

I left JYC till the end of the day,so that I had some photos.Tasmin completed her jigsaw she got for Christmas,and we tucked into a cooked breakfast and lots more fattening junk.For me washed down with a McFlurry.

I hear we’re in for another bout of snow this week.So I’m looking forward to that.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

Yet another Christmas over with.

After 389 photos there are about 2 of me without a double chin.Thanks Chris for taking all sideways on photos.

I got a lot of use out of my new 50mm lens,its great in low light situations.Plus the ladder shots worked a treat.

Teddy had obviously nipped out to the shops at some time to buy me some new knickers to replace my holey ones

My friend Linda gave me my favourite present.At first glance I thought it was a journal for people who like lists(me) ,but when I looked through it, it was amazing It’s called “lithography your life in lists”.There are lists of everything even the strangest places you’ve had sex!!!I can’t recommend this book enough.I can’t wait to fill it in.

As usual my lot burst into tears.So some of my favourite photos of the day,were of them fighting back the tears as someone opened a present.

Chris is crying about his favourite present I gave him a-40p booklet from our old village.He used to get it delivered every month and hadn’t seen one for 2 years.So it proves a present doesn’t have to be expensive.

Tasmin is crying at my Sons reaction(crying) to a photo montage of him playing football that his Grandparents gave him.Again an inexpensive present.

Here’s my JYC layout for Christmas Day.Behind the collage of pictures are a selection of gift tags from the presents.

Today,Boxing Day,I have stayed in my new nightie and been stuffing leftovers.

For my JYC layout I wrote about our old family tradition of going to Chris’ Nan's on this day.

I felt I could be a bit cheeky and write the truth about my thoughts concerning this day.Chris’ family,yesterday, were not interested in reading through my JYC,so I felt I didn’t have to pussyfoot around their feelings anymore.One of his Nan's just used to sit there like part of the furniture,farting!!!For the whole of Chris’ childhood he only remembers her giving him, the same thing every year, a game of blow football .As he got older it was nothing at all!

As you can imagine she’s remembered with such fondness?

Anyway did you all have a great Christmas?

Did you hit the shops today or are you like me chilling out?

I have another house full for dinner on Monday so tomorrow will be spent preparing for that.

The table is all set ready.I’m going to make a Ben & Jerry's ice cream bombe.Mmmmmm

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

I’ve been up since 7am cooking!!

Everything is now ready for tomorrow.Except my soup rolls.I couldn’t be bothered to stand and make 9 of them. no one will even notice them,so its bog standard soup bowls instead.

I’ve sprinkled edible glitter over my Yule log and included a picture of it on my recipe layout.It looks very festive.i have some indoor fireworks to add to it at the last minute.

For JYC Dec 24 I used a photo of Santa in our sitting room??

Then for Dec 23rd a simple shot of my children's stockings.I embroidered Ryan's name when he was tiny ,but I never got around to doing the same for Tasmin.But I would love to make us all a stocking for next year with our initial on.

Here’s JYC Dec 22.A selection of lists leading up to Christmas.I used shimelles downloadable journaling card.

We went to give my nephews there presents yesterday and they gave us a puppet show.We’ll several to be exact!!!

They seemed to love their Christmas scrapbooks and cameras and were very excited to get started.I am determined to get some good pictures of them on Christmas day.They are identical twins,who are not used to being around cameras and its very hard to get a good picture of them.

My table is all set and I’ve been up a ladder to checkout the lighting on my photos.Grab yourself a ladder and take some pictures of everyone at the table on the big day.Its a great way of fitting everyone in.(Except me of course stuck up a ladder)

So night,night to everyone.I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies and a memorable day for all the right reasons.

Merry Christmas from the Aldrins.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

December 22nd

Well the snow is still here.We have stayed cocooned in the house as much as possible.

We spent the day in London on Sunday

With a spot of shopping at this famous food market and then lunch at our favourite French restaurant.It was very quiet everywhere because of the weather.

I popped into a few of my favourite shops in Marylebone but was very good and held myself back.I even put back the Cath Kidston stocking I wanted.

We have completed all our food shopping now.

I baked my gammon ham,yesterday.I don’t even eat it,but everyone loves it in the house.Christmas used to be the worst time of year for me food wise.As a child I always lost weight.I am much better now and enjoy a lot more of the things associated with Christmas.My meal always looks a bit weird to everyone else's,as it has no vegetables,except roast potatoes.But it used to have no meat as well.

I was pleased with the bit of bokah in the back of the photo.I am loving this 50mm lens.

Shimelles prompt for the 21st was perfect for me as we never left the house.

I just wrote about what we had been up to all day.

Which really wasn’t much.

Ryan had sat all day at his Xbox with his girlfriends hat on??

Poor Tasmin was catching up on her degree work for University,with a stinking cold.

We had our first ever proper cheese fondue.It had too much wine in it for me.That was all I could taste and I HATE the taste of wine.We must be the only people with a cellar full of wine and champagne untouched.

Day 2o of JYC stumped me for a while.I decided to abandon the prompt and scrapped old pictures of both my children at their Nursery Christmas party with Santa,It was quite weird when i noticed they had both sat in the same spot,years apart.

I’m not keen on the busy layout but I just wanted to include all 4 photos.I know its this sort of content my children will be interested in.

I just have today's prompt to do about lists.Easy peasy as the Queen of lists this will a doddle.

What do you still have to do or are you as anal as me??

I’ll leave you with this picture of Ryan's lunch

He had finished all his other nibbles and without realising what he was doing he had lined up all his chocolate buttons.

See he takes after me after all.They say everyone has a bit of OCD ……

Saturday, 19 December 2009

December 19th

Of all the days to have to have our heating system drained down.It was about –5 and the plumber was here putting the bath and heating plumbing in the new en-suite.

Luckily for me I stayed next to the Aga and kept snugly even with the back door open.We now have an ice rink outside our back door from all the drained water.So I’m taking bookings for “frolics on Ice”,hot drink included.

For December 18th JYC I choose to write the recipe for my Yule log.I hate fruit,so Christmas pudding is out for me. I always have at least one other pudding to choose from, for the big day.This year I have bought edible glitter to decorate it, so it’ll look like its had a sprinkling of sparkly snow.I had a trial run of making a smaller one this week.But I will wait till the real thing is made and include a picture in the space I’ve left.

I was pleased to finally use all the baking embellishments .I bought them about 3 years ago and they have been sitting waiting ever since.Check out the tiny piping bag with red icing.It looks like I piped the Merry Christmas.How clever am I!

I was also dead chuffed with my new printer.I wrote my recipe out in two columns and prayed I had done my measurements correctly and printed it on to a pre made journaling card.It worked a treat so then,there was no stopping me. For the next layout,I did the same with a cute north pole journaling card .I just LOVE this Canon printer,its done everything I've asked it so far.XXXXXX

Shimelles prompt for Dec 19th was supposed to be about a letter to Santa.I had already included my letter in a previous layout so I thought I couldn’t miss the chance to write about the snow we’ve had and to get to use some of the pictures of Teddy.

I am going to hate putting this album away after Christmas and what will I do with all my time??????????????

Have you kept up to date with JYC?

Friday, 18 December 2009

December 18th

Well this was the nearest I got to having a snowman.

My children would not venture into the garden.They are too old for all that malarkey they say.

So I had to make do with Teddy,me and the snow.

Teddy loved his Santa suit surprisingly It kept him snugly and warm and he was excited every time he saw it.

He thought he’s died and gone to heaven in the snow.

He couldn’t contain his joy.

I didn’t get time to make my LO for today after playing so long in the snow,so I’ll catch up tomorrow.I took my camera and new 50mm lens to my friends and took some beautiful pictures of her daughter and Grandson.

I want one now !!!!!! He was so cute to photograph.



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