Monday, 2 November 2009

Well,as I am sure you are aware I am taking part in Shimelles latest project,blogging for scrapbookers.Her classes are superb and a bargain price.High praise from me!!!
Well the class kicked off today and I am determined to keep up with it.It will be a test run for her Christmas Journal.
I joined up to try and improve my blogging skills.Which were zero.I must admit my Husband feels like I have left him for another man.I am now spending hours sat on the computer.But I believe that once I know what I am doing,blogging will be dead easy.
Todays prompt said to take a picture linked to this blogging lark,so here's me sat reading the first prompt.
I must admit the sky-plus is filling up with unwatched programmes and I'm even dreaming about blogging so lets hope I will soon be a blogging queen.

My Husband is off this week to start working on our new ensuite.There is dust everywhere already.Our old bathroom is now off limits and the skip arrives tomorrow.But the end to refurbishing this house is nearly insight.Plus he may get a chance to returf the garden as well,if the weather holds out.I will crack my whip extra hard this week.Of course I will be far too busy blogging to help him.


Debbie said...

Good luck with the class and I know what you mean about now spending your life at the computer!! I have been reading and commenting on blogs all night!!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Ha HA!! It's now 00.05am on Tuesday & I'm just done blogging!! Talk about addictive!! I've read Prompt 1 but haven't done anything with it as I already had my content for todays post planned.....gave both Shimelle & YOU a mention though!! Not sure I will be blogging daily but will just take on board things I can use! Night Night! x

Meg said...

Ah, too bad you'll be too busy blogging to help. I'm sure he'll understand ;) Good luck with class!

Denise said...

Hi Karen- found you! Hope you are well and all the work isgoing well in the your profile pic with your dog xx

Sharyn said...

Great photo! Good luck with Shimelle's class :)


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