Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Well my Husband has been busy today.He's still banging away upstairs.
(I haven't had time to check out Shimelles prompt for today,so I maybe again back later.)

He's knocked down the wall between our spare room and tiny main bathroom.They are going to become an ensuite for our room and a winter scrapbook room for me.I currently keep my stash in the conservatory,but the papers get a bit damp and curly out there in the Winter.So I'll sit upstairs in the Winter.These are the last two rooms to be completed in the house.I can't believe the end is finally near.I say finally near but i would think we still have months of upheaval to look forward to.Chris is amazing at getting things done quickly.But it goes out of our hands when the plasterer and plumber get involved.

Plus I have to choose some tiles and I cant find any I like.I HATE tiles.I HATE the way the grout goes over time.We have tried everything recommended,but it always goes manky.

Here's the handy man taking a rest on his throne.

And this is what he's been up to today!!!!!

Even more amazing is,I didn't have to get my whip out at all.I have made his task much easier by buying him a massive slide into the skip.You can just see the top of it at the window.This has cut his workload down massively.I know what your thinking,aren't I kind.Well I must dash there's dinner to burn. No rest for the wicked.


Scrappi Sandi said...

I do so envy you...Chris's DIY abilities!! Is there anything that man cannot do?!! That room is unrecognisable & I can't wait to see what develops!!

Denise said...

It will be worth it in the end ! He is a clever lad and I agree with you about the way grout goes :-)


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