Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Today's prompt from Shimelle was to think about blogging a list of things.
So here's a photograph of 10 of my favourite vistas of my house.
Well lucky for me I already had all the material I needed for today.
Whilst my Husband was busy demolishing my home yesterday.I took time to record some of my favourite parts of the house.It was mainly to remind me that all the hard work will be worth it in the end.
We have begun already to forget the cost, time planning and all the sheer hard work that we have put into each and every part of our house.
I sometime wish I could just be laid back about designing each room,but its all in the details for me.
Luckily for me I have a husband who couldn't care less what I choose and he's always happy to put my ideas into reality.
He says he always LOVES what I come up with.
So I am blessed to have a home we are proud of and one that I feel truly reflects me.
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Angela said...

Hi there, I think, in fact I know, I want to live in your house! What great pictures.

Donna said...

:-D I can tell by your photographs that you're a Jolie-person! I love going into Jolie, I wish I lived in there! Have you been to the new tea shop that's opened further down the high street? Heaven! Apparently there is a new fancy florist too but I haven't ventured in there yet. All I need now is a Quilting shop and I'll be moving into the village! :-) x

Liberty :) said...

We are renovating! Its such hard work I admire you!


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