Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My last week

Well ,the Around the World blog train was a great thing to be involved with.I loved how different the weather was in each Country.Its mind boggling to think that at the same time we are wrapping up for Winter,someone will be on a beach roasting.

I had a lovely Sunday,at Anna's crop at Southoe.As it was our Christmas party,we didn’t have a kit this month.It took me a while to get my mojo going.

I hate not having my entire stash to go through,but I got there in the end.This is my Nan with Tasmin .I have some journaling  hidden under the journaling card.

The journaling reads-Tasmin with my Dads Mum,who we called Big Nanny.Over the years this got changed to Fat Nanny in London.(now hidden)but Tasmin always remembered her as squidgy fanny Nanny!!!!

Now ,any Americans may not realise is that a fanny is something quite different here in the UK!

This is why the journaling is hidden.

The next layout came together a bit quicker and is of my son Ryan at about 3 years old.

Again this one has hidden journaling on a pull out card.

I finally finished my layout I had started  at the Crafty Stash crop.I’m afraid the light wasn’t very good when I took the picture.

I had been saving the bottom sheet of paper for over a year.It’s a map of Italy,with Naples right in the middle.So it was perfect for a layout about our time in Naples at the beginning of the month.Everything is inked and layered with 3D foam.

And finally here's a treat I bought for myself this week.I had spent a stressful day of tests at hospital and stopped on the way home to buy myself some flowers and I couldn’t resist the vase  as well.

I am looking forward to them opening over the coming week.What do you like to treat yourself with?

Saturday we had a lovely pizza to tuck into before X Factor started.But come Sunday morning I suddenly realised we hadn’t had the garlic bread to go with it???Well here it is -

I think its cooked.Do you?

You can’t smell anything burning in an aga.But as my Husband pointed out the neighbours would have.All the smells go out the chimney.It was that black I couldn’t see it in the oven.

I must admit I have done this several times.Chris just rolls his eyes and says “again!”


Tasmin said...

i do not miss having to sit on that squidgy fanny! lol! x

Photographing Mom said...

Inquiry USA mind wants to know...what's a "fanny" across the pond? Here it's your backside...

Scrappi Sandi said...

Love Tasmins comment!!!

Fab LO's.....the Naples one turned out perfectly after all your deliberation at Tempsford!

Gorgeous Lillies...I look forward to giving them a sniff later this evening!!

Oh....BTW...I do like my Garlic Bread quite well done...but....

Michele said...

Well you certainly got your mojo back! Layouts are just great!

LauraLaura said...

Beautiful LOs !


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