Friday, 9 October 2009

Phew,at last I have managed to post my Flickr site on here.
This is where at the moment I post all my layouts.So pop over and have a butchers (look)

I popped over to Willowtree Crafts in Watford today to stock up on some crimbo paper.I am going to attempt Shimelle's Journal your Christmas this year.I am determined to have everything ready and waiting when the time comes.I picked up some fab papers and an album all ready to cover.The only problem is ,it is taking me hours to change my email address on all my sites and to work out how to blog.So it looks like I will be getting very little done in the coming days/weeks.
It took me an entire day to download two sets of photos the other day for developing!!!!!
Imagine in the old days ,you just popped into Boots with your film and popped back two days later.Job done.I admit 80% of your photos were crap!
I stuck at the downloading all day ,as i had realised that since I've used a digital camera,I have been printing individual photos for layouts.This means when i am dead and gone,my children won't have albums and boxes of photographs.I was left 1000's of photos when my parents died,going back over a hundred years.I fear because we are all using computer so much now,all this will be lost to future generations.
So I am going to ensure that each year I get a job lot printed,labeled and put in a bog standard album.
Anyway,that's enough crap from me for a day.X

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Yay! well done you & Chris for all your achievements in Blogland!!

Glad to hear you got a good haul at WTC!! Wish I could have been with you but as it happens my day went pearshaped anyway!! You are so right about the whole photo thing...maybe I feel a new years resolution coming on!!!

See you at Tempsford tomorrow....I've just finished sorting my stuff!!


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