Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well ,What can I say but thanks to Sandra for sending me this "honest scrap"award. I have to share with you 10 honest things about myself.
Sandra is a long standing friend from my makeup consultant days.One bored day in the store we found out we were both avid scrappers and the rest as they say is history.Luckily for me Sandra is a scrap tool type of person.I am most definitely not ,so lucky me gets to use her box of tricks whenever I am in need at a crop.
She is a fantastic scrapper,and writes a fab blog.http://http//livinglifeoneblessingatatime.blogspot.com/ Unfortunately for Sandra there are only 2 followers so far for my blog and she's one of them!So I doubt Sandra,there will be a mass of new traffic coming your way.
So heres my honest list:

1.I am no longer a natural brunette.But at least the collar and cuffs now match!!!

2.I can only hug/kiss my dog,not people.

3.I hate listening to CDs,I prefer the radio and the mix of music/artists.

4.I love to be on my own,and feel lost in a crowd.

5.I am very lazy,and somehow I feel no guilt that my poor husband works hard to provide the beautiful home I live in.But I couldn't cope with the stress of a full time job.

6.Which leads to-I have no ambition apart from to always be a SAHM.I would rather be poor and happy than a "somebody"with a stressful life.

7.I have the worst fuzzy wirewool hair.Long gone are the days when I could blow dry my hair and it looked good.Its hair straighteners all the way now.

8.I couldn't live without skyplus TV and my hair straighteners (see above)I would rather be car less!!!

9.I could live in a dingy bedsit and transform it into a fab place to live.

10.I wish I could spend money without worrying.I have no idea what it is I worry about,but I give myself a hard time.I have no idea where this need to save has come from ,but I have always had it.I wish I could be more frivolous and am determined to make this a New Years resolution next year.And I always stick to my resolutions.I for one know that life is too short and you can't take it with you.It bought it home to me the other day when my husband and son said they are going to buy a Maserati with my money when I am gone.To think that I could go without things so that they could blow it on something I would hate.It made me sit up and think.So hopefully a new camera and a shopping trip maybe on the cards soon.Watch this space.


Lisa T. Howard said...

Hi Karen! I found my way here via Sandi! I'm so glad to have found you! I always enjoy reading blog pals' Honest List...interesting to learn so much about otherwise total strangers. Wishing you best of luck in your blog venture...it was only this January that I started my blog. Before you know it, you will be so caught up in blogland you won't have time for anything else. LOL! I will be back...and if you have the time, stop in and say hi.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Thanks for those kind words & as it's in Blogland cyber{{Hugs}}!!!!

So glad Lisa found you...her blog is fab, more like a column...great LO's too! So THREE followers already!!!!!!

Great 'Honest List'...#1 made me smile, #4 brought an Ahhh!! & #10....well I will watch that with interest!!

I'm full of cold, so I'm off to bed!!!!

Nite Nite!!


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