Friday, 30 October 2009

I have received this award from my friend Sandra,I have to answer this long list of questions with a single word answer.So here goes.

1. Where is your cell phone?..... kitchen
2. Your hair?..... up
3. Your Mother?.....dead
4. Your Father?.....dead
5. Your favourite food?
6. Your dream last night?.....gone
7. Your favourite drink?.....milkshakes
8. Your dream/goal?
9. What room are you in?
10. Your hobby?.....Scrapbooking
11. Your fear?.....cancer
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?.....Here!
13. Where were you last night?.....home
14. Something you aren't?.....generous
15. Muffins?.....chocolate
16. Wish list item?..... bathroom
17. Where did you grow up?.....Stevenage
18. Last thing you did?
19. What are you wearing?.....hoodie
20. Your TV?.....essential
21. Your pets?.....Teddy
22. Friends?.....few
23. Your Life?.....improved
24. Your Mood?..... content
25. Missing Someone?.....Buzz
26. Vehicle?.....comfy
27. Something you are not wearing?.....bra
28. Your favourite Store?.....Archivers
29. Your favourite colour?
30. When was the last time you laughed?....tonight.
31. When was the last time you cried?..... today
32. Your best friend?..... Chris
33. One place that I go to over & over?.....fridge
34. Facebook?.....newbie
35. Favourite place to eat?.....Chicago
I kept myself busy yesterday with a whole day of scrapping.Last Friday I sorted out some pictures of me with my childhood friend Yvonne.I have all my certificates and the medal I had won.Can you believe it .Saturday morning I find that Yvonne has posted to her facebook page a picture of us from this day.What a coincidence.
I used a template from an envelope a friend had cut out for me.Inside are all the certificates,my medal and some delicate photographs.The photo I have used is just sitting in the photo corners,so it is easily removed.
A bit of luck I did that,as I have heard from Yvonne and she would like a copy of the photos I have from 1973.
I use to hate my skinny legs when I was young,as I got teased all the time.But God how grateful am I for them now.They still look skinny in proportion to the rest of me ,so people always think I am thinner than I really am.
Mu Mum made the dresses we are wearing,she was an exceptional seamstress and used to make lots of our clothes.I am lucky in that I take after her,and can turn myself to most sewing.My sister on the other hand,would probably find it impossible to turn up a hem.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Shimelle has kindly given me some tips for putting a photo on here.I must say I have tried the way she has said ,but here goes again.
Can you believe it,there's my photo.Its like when you struggle all day to open something and your husband does it in a second.

Lets hope I've turned a corner and won't have any further problems putting pics on.This was taken yesterday at Capture the Magic in Soham.Hilary and I did a wee spot of shopping.I was mainly looking for Christmas bits for my Shimelle Journal and I must say Hilary was very good.She kept her spending in check.But believe me if you saw her scrapbook room,you'd wonder what she has left to buy.

Here is my fab new camera.I sold some broken "crap"gold jewellery and made £430????So I treated myself to a Canon EOS DSLR 400.I won it on ebay with a bid I was very happy with.When the camera arrived,I was delighted to find included in the sale was a battery grip.
It is certainly not a necessity but it makes me feel like a professional.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Scrapbook layout from Southoe crop kit-Oct 2009

(Check this out.Shimelle showed me how to do it. )

Sorry for this style of link but I cannot seem to fathom out how to put a pic on.My Husband is bloody useless as well..So here goes lets see if i can get this link to work

It has taken me over an hour to get this far!!!!!!
I have meanwhile burnt the dinner,sometimes I wonder if this blogging lark is worth it.I never get time to scrap anymore,as I spend hours trying to work out how to blog.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Be prepared to be dazzled with my blogging skills in the coming months.I have signed up to Shimelles fab new class for bloggers.
I am sure my blog will be the next big thing in blogland after this course.If it is then miracles can happen.
I will have a couple of busy months ahead,will all this Shimelle stuff coming my way.Oh well sod the cleaning and shopping.Here's to the more important things in life.

she needs your vote

Just a quickie.My favourite blogger Corinne over in Holland would like us in blogland to vote for an American friend of hers.We just need to click on the link and vote everyday if possible.Of course my motive is a bit naughty.Corinne is offering one of her fab scrapbook kits if I tell you all about this.So checkout her scrapbook friend Kaylee Aimee and give her your time.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Right here goes.Sandra has kindly given me some instructions how to resize my pics.So here goes.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sorry this is my first attempt at putting a picture on here.For some reason it won't go any smaller.You have to click on it to see the full picture.
I am feed up with playing about.So I have given up tonight.

This is my finished LO from the Crafty stash crop kit.It was designed by the very talented Michelle one of Crafty Stashs design team.
I have added some of my own bits and am thrilled with it.I just have to add some pictures of my two nieces heads and I will give it to my sister for Christmas.It will go lovely in their new playroom.
I am tempted to do one for my nephews .They are identical twins.So that could be fun.The only thing is they are impossible to photograph.

I am keeping to my new resolution to spend,spend,spend.I am borrowing a SLR camera with zoom lenses from a friend.I want to see if I am missing out on anything.I'll have a play with it and then decide if it's something I have to have.

I have organised a trip to the States next year.We'll be off staying with a friend in Park City,Utah.Its in the mountains just outside of Salt Lake City.If you weren't aware Salt Lake City is supposed to be the Capital of scrapbooking!!!!!Oh well never mind!I'm sure Chris will love it.
We are going to cram in as much sightseeing as possible.They'll be no rest for us out there.

Also I am planning a trip to my favourite city in the World(apart from London)CHICAGO.There is nothing I don't like about this city.The people are great,food amazing and the scrapbook shopping aint that bad.

I also have a trip to Naples in Italy coming up in a few weeks,which was a surprise from Hubby.So hopefully there will be some great shoe shopping to be had.So from having nothing to look forward to last week,I now have lots to get excited about.
Now if you knew me well.You'd know that the suitcase will be down from the loft any day and trips and outings all planned.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well ,What can I say but thanks to Sandra for sending me this "honest scrap"award. I have to share with you 10 honest things about myself.
Sandra is a long standing friend from my makeup consultant days.One bored day in the store we found out we were both avid scrappers and the rest as they say is history.Luckily for me Sandra is a scrap tool type of person.I am most definitely not ,so lucky me gets to use her box of tricks whenever I am in need at a crop.
She is a fantastic scrapper,and writes a fab blog.http://http// Unfortunately for Sandra there are only 2 followers so far for my blog and she's one of them!So I doubt Sandra,there will be a mass of new traffic coming your way.
So heres my honest list:

1.I am no longer a natural brunette.But at least the collar and cuffs now match!!!

2.I can only hug/kiss my dog,not people.

3.I hate listening to CDs,I prefer the radio and the mix of music/artists.

4.I love to be on my own,and feel lost in a crowd.

5.I am very lazy,and somehow I feel no guilt that my poor husband works hard to provide the beautiful home I live in.But I couldn't cope with the stress of a full time job.

6.Which leads to-I have no ambition apart from to always be a SAHM.I would rather be poor and happy than a "somebody"with a stressful life.

7.I have the worst fuzzy wirewool hair.Long gone are the days when I could blow dry my hair and it looked good.Its hair straighteners all the way now.

8.I couldn't live without skyplus TV and my hair straighteners (see above)I would rather be car less!!!

9.I could live in a dingy bedsit and transform it into a fab place to live.

10.I wish I could spend money without worrying.I have no idea what it is I worry about,but I give myself a hard time.I have no idea where this need to save has come from ,but I have always had it.I wish I could be more frivolous and am determined to make this a New Years resolution next year.And I always stick to my resolutions.I for one know that life is too short and you can't take it with you.It bought it home to me the other day when my husband and son said they are going to buy a Maserati with my money when I am gone.To think that I could go without things so that they could blow it on something I would hate.It made me sit up and think.So hopefully a new camera and a shopping trip maybe on the cards soon.Watch this space.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Well another 4 hours,trying to put on some links .But even my son can't put my slideshow on here.Its sitting all ready in photobucket.¤t=f2a7046a.pbw

I have a stiff neck today.Must be from catching a few ZZzzzzz on the way back from Sheffield yesterday.

After doing all my chores,I nipped to Scrap Revolution to buy yet more papers and have covered my Christmas journal.I am excitedly waiting for my etsy purchases and then I just have to wait until December!!!!!!

Hilary,kindly let me borrow her beautiful Christmas journal,and I have been enjoying sitting on my own working my way through it.I have to lock my neurotic puppy away otherwise there maybe only a pile of paper left.
Today Teddy has eaten a coat hanger,5 leaves,a stick,4 Tesco receipts and the paint off my new kitchen cupboard.Ah Bless him!!!!!
Each day is a new adventure for him.Uggs one day,Mums knickers another.I can't even have a bath in peace.He pops up over the side trying to lick the water off me.Once he even jumped in,thank God he hasn't repeated that again.

Anyway back to scrapbooking.I was hoping to finish my fairy layout from the Tempsford crop.But apparently my fairy wings are now behind my Husbands dashboard.When I asked him how they had got there,after safely sitting there all the way to Sheffield.It turns out he was testing his sport seats in his car????How you may ask.Well,driving 70MPH around a Stevenage roundabout is how.MEN????

Friday, 9 October 2009

Well 4 hours later and a couple of shandys.My Husband has managed to make a few changes to my blog.At least its not only me who is having problems.We both gave up trying to put a slideshow of my flickr site on here.Now I just have to try and load some more of my blinkies from Shimelles fab classes and I'm on my way.Yippee.........................
Phew,at last I have managed to post my Flickr site on here.
This is where at the moment I post all my layouts.So pop over and have a butchers (look)

I popped over to Willowtree Crafts in Watford today to stock up on some crimbo paper.I am going to attempt Shimelle's Journal your Christmas this year.I am determined to have everything ready and waiting when the time comes.I picked up some fab papers and an album all ready to cover.The only problem is ,it is taking me hours to change my email address on all my sites and to work out how to blog.So it looks like I will be getting very little done in the coming days/weeks.
It took me an entire day to download two sets of photos the other day for developing!!!!!
Imagine in the old days ,you just popped into Boots with your film and popped back two days later.Job done.I admit 80% of your photos were crap!
I stuck at the downloading all day ,as i had realised that since I've used a digital camera,I have been printing individual photos for layouts.This means when i am dead and gone,my children won't have albums and boxes of photographs.I was left 1000's of photos when my parents died,going back over a hundred years.I fear because we are all using computer so much now,all this will be lost to future generations.
So I am going to ensure that each year I get a job lot printed,labeled and put in a bog standard album.
Anyway,that's enough crap from me for a day.X

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Well here goes another attempt.I have been told this is soooooo easy.But I don't seem to be able to get the hang of it.I really need to be shown how to do something and them I'm away.


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